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All of our acts can be combined into a featured variety show, brief pop-up performances, or strolling/ambient entertainment. We'll help design the format that best fits your event. Our performers are skilled in a variety of styles, and our music and costuming will be selected accordingly as well. Contact us for a free consultation & quote!

Colorado fire shows

Fire Dancers

Dramatic, high-impact shows use choreography and a variety of fire tools (swords, hoops, torches, jump rope, juggling, and more!) to bring an unforgettable high-energy wow-factor. Mesmerizing soloists, duets, & groups!

Colorado contortionist


Flowing slowly and elegantly through a variety of poses, our contortionists showcase their strength, grace, and flexibility.  Some also incorporate hand-balancing on canes, or using a steel cube.

Colorado acrobats

Wheel Acrobats

This acrobat performs in a spinning steel ring in a fast-paced and daring display of strength and coordination. Reminiscent of Cirque du Soleil, this stunning act is worth taking up the whole stage! Especially when it’s ablaze!

Colorado aerialists


Daring, elegant performances that defy gravity and elevate your event! Soloists and duets on silks, hoop, trapeze, cube. Bending, flipping, dropping, climbing. No ceiling attachment point? No problem! We have freestanding portable rigs too.

Colorado stilt walkers

Stilt Walkers

Standing tall above the crowd in eye-catching costumes, they interact with guests using their charisma and charm! Wide variety of themes/styles: circus, elegant, animals, LED, holiday, royalty, pirates, rainbow, rock-n-roll, etc!

Denver jugglers


A classic way to bring levity, motion, and amusement to any event, as they perform with a slick modern flair and sharp creative moves. Many styles of juggling: clubs, balls, LED clubs, LED balls, knives, or torches!

Denver dance entertainment

LED Glow Dancers

Colorful, eye-catching, and fun to watch the trails of light moving around the performer as they dance and perform tricks. Strolling or stage performers use LED-illuminated props such as hula hoops, juggling clubs, wings, and more.

Denver event food service

Interactive Service

Let your guests enjoy food and drinks served by a colorful character! Our strolling table and champagne skirt can hold appetizers, desserts, or drinks, while the performer interacts in this artistic presentation. Aerial and flair-bartenders too!

Denver hula hoopers

Hula Hoopers

A playful flair for any event, with a modern and graceful twist on a recognizable classic pastime. Performers spin, twirl, and dance with shiny hoops in daylight, or LED and fire hoops after dusk!

Colorado acrobats

Acrobatic Duo

This duo moves gracefully through a variety of poses, balancing on each other as they create an ever-changing dance. Part yoga, part acrobatics, part adagio dance. Strolling slowly throughout the room, or in a high-stakes stage act!

Colorado event entertainment

Variety Shows

A custom-designed, continuous, high-energy stage show that combines our various types of acts and culminates in an impactful finale. Built based on client’s vision, staging, and preferences for length, theme, and acts.

Colorado circus


Unicyclists, living statues, ribbon dancers, Chinese pole acrobats, magicians, contact (clear sphere) jugglers, visual artists, interactive characters, video art projection, and more!

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