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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use real fire?


Yes! And if you ever figure out how to create "fake fire," let us know! ;)


What are your safety practices and insurance?


We carry insurance through Specialty Insurance Agency that covers damages to venue or crowd up to $5,000,000, and we are registered with the Denver Fire Department. We've never had a safety incident because we employ only the most professional and highly trained performers, and follow strict safety procedures. Our safety equipment includes fire extinguishers, duvetyne towels (to snuff out fire props), and safety spotter assistants. We make sure to store our fuel carefully and maintain a fueling area in a protected side area away from the crowd and stage. We'll also do a free site visit to take a look at your venue and the available space so that we can make preparations to accommodate for its features. Please feel free to ask us any questions; your safety and peace of mind are our priority. Non-fire acts maintain a safe distance from audience members and plan their acts according to the unique features of your venue.


What are your space requirements / approved types of venues for fire shows? Indoor or outdoor?


Most of our acts require a clear, flat space of at least 10'x10', with that amount increasing with the number of performers involved. Our fire shows can be done indoors or outdoors, as long as there is proper space and ventilation. We generally need unobstructed floor space, tall ceilings, delineation from the crowd/seating area, and good above-head clearance (i.e. no hanging decorations, wires, branches, etc). Photos and a floor plan for your venue are helpful for us to make preparations to accommodate its features.


What is your booking procedure?


Just give us a call, email, or fill out our contact form, and tell us as many details as possible about your event, your budget, and what kind of show or number of performers you're looking for. The more details, the better! Then we'll consult with you determine what options would best suit your event, and send a proposal of what we recommend. Once we  work out all the details, we'll send you our contract and set up a 50% deposit payment, and let us take care of the rest! If needed, we will do a free site inspection visit to make sure there's enough space and safe conditions for the planned show. On the day of the event, we'll arrive  early to prepare and set up. Further details about payment and policies are in our contract.


Can you travel to my event? How far are you willing to travel?


Yes! While most of our performances are in Denver, Colorado and surrounding areas, we're willing to drive or fly to your event! From Miami to Tahoe to Detroit to Curacao to Canada and even Costa Rica, we love to bring our shows to people everywhere. Just ask!


Can you do an aerial show at my venue? What are your requirements?


The higher the ceilings, the better! Aerial shows require an approved rigging point, such as an exposed I-beam or rafter, or load-bearing point (such as an eyebolt). The beam or point must be rated to a minimum of 2000 lbs of dynamic load capacity. If the rating is unknown, the client must consult with the building owner, engineer, or manual to confirm the weight rating of the rig point. We're happy to help with this assessment!


If there is not an available rig point at your venue, but the ceilings are high enough, we can bring our portable aerial rig, which is adjustable up to 24' tall. Even with shorter ceilings, our aerial hoop, trapeze, or sling acts are a delight. Our "lollipop" rig is a popular options when an aerial hoop performer is desired, but the venue does not have available rigging; it's a steel hoop on a pole with a free-standing base. 


Is your show all-ages?


Yes, and we can create a show that is appropriate to any age demographic of your particular audience. Just let us know about your guests and any preferences you may have about costuming, music, or the overall 'vibe.' If your event theme calls for a more edgy or eccentric mood for adults, we can do that too!


Can you match our theme?


Of course! We pride ourselves on our chameleon-like ability to fit any theme in costumes, music, and presentation 'mood.' Many of our costumes are custom-made, so we have the ability to create something extraordinary to bring your vision to life. We've done everything from upscale elegance, to neon blacklight, to dark nouveau circus, to earthy tribal, to classic vaudeville circus, and more!


Do you do weddings? What are those performances like?


Yes! We love presenting circus arts in a contemporary and upscale way that amplifies the elegance of weddings. Our performances bring that special flair and wow-factor that leave guests talking about the unique and exciting entertainment. Roving performances create a little sparkle and animation as ambiance during cocktail hour, and a fully choreographed featured group show will dazzle guests as they enjoy dinner! From elegant to glitzy to funky alternative, we can bring the right vibe to your special day, and create a memorable performance for years to come. 

Our venue doesn't allow fire, what can you do instead?

No problem! Our acrobats, aerialists, contortionists, and LED glow dancers are delightful ways to jazz up an event without the use of fire. Low lighting and some colorful stage lights tie it all together. And if your venue is unsure or hesitant about fire dancers, we're happy to consult with them to describe our safety procedures, share our insurance certificate, and handle the permitting process with the fire department if needed. What we do is NOT pyrotechnics, and doesn't involve explosions or the spraying of fuel in any way, so it's a much more safely contained art than some assume and there are often creative ways of integrating fire dancing, such as having dancers outside the main doors to welcome folks, illuminating a courtyard, or bringing the heat poolside. 

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